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Hangar Links

These are links found on the FLY-ULHangar e-mail List, where you can join to ask questions or comment:

Many Tech Facts can be found at Mark Smith’s Website With Links found here:


Aerial Photos
Pixxures Aerial photos with USGS

Aeronautics NACA Tech Reports
NACA Aeronautics reports for 1917 through 1958 transition to NASA. TONS of good stuff!

Airport Information

Airport Info by ID
Another Airport Locator

Airport Locator
Airport Locator

Airport Web Cams
Web Cam Locator

Aviation Accident Database
NTSB Accident Investigations. Monthly listings going back 40 years

Building an MXII Quickalike
Adventures of a retired teacher building MXII Plus from scratch, with assistance of Mark Smith and others.
Interactive Conversion website for EVERYTHING!

E6B Calculator
Many calculators rolled into one

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum
Early Aviation and Local History of Hammondsport, N.Y.

Ground School
Micro Meteorology

Ground School
Flight Planning

Ground School
Aviation Meteorology

Ground School
Theory of Flight (Australian site)

How Airplanes Fly
Giving Newton more credit for a change

How Google REALLY Works
"Stevie Search" does NOT use Google!

Human Clock
A Human Powered Digital Clock

Indiana Dept. of Transportation Airports
Airport Information including Aerial Views

Internet History of Science
Many Scientific Books Online

Internet Modern History
Many Historical Books Online

Internet Moving Images Archive
Many Films Online

Internet Website Archive
Find those older versions of Websites

Marine Navigation Calculator
Conversions, Altitude Corrections, Distance between Bearings, etc.

Measure 4 Measure
Many, Many, Many Conversions & Calculators

Newspaper Search
Find Newspapers which have Web Presence U.S & International

Propeller Calculator
Propeller Efficiency Calculator with Tip Speed

Propeller Tip Speed Calculator
Calculates Propeller Tip Speed

See How it Flies
EXCELLENT Technical Aerodynamics Site

Southern Landings
An attempt to catalog small ul friendly airstrips in the mostly southeastern USA

Terraserver geo map
Moving map search

Weather/Winds Aloft
Hang Glider National Weather Link

Winds Aloft
Flight planning Tool

X-Country Watermelon Tale
Trials, Tribulations, and Discoveries during a Cross-Country Flight

iPilot Trip Calculator
Calculate Distance, Airport Data, Aviation Weather, Sectionals, etc.